Jay, I hate fishing in strong wind but there are times when it is fish or not 
at all. If I did not see the few rises, I would of passed on it but the rises 
seduced me down to the dock. LOL

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No fishing for me today. Wind is picking up ahead of the next
storm; 22 knots & rising. And, I have developed an aversion to waving 8 ½ -
9’ of carbon in the air during thunder storms. Casting into the 20 knot
wind w/ gusts was enough fun the other day, although I did manage to avoid
hitting myself in the back of the head w/ a fly.  Yes, I have done that, but
not for a couple of years. I also have a story about hooking a big turkey w/ an
olive bugger on Taneycomo, but that’s a story for another time. 




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  The wind and high water has really cut into the fishing, I
  did have a short shot at it the other evening with the Caddis hatch. This
  morning about 6:30 I looked out at the dock and noticed the water was a lot
  lower than it has been. The wind was really blowing from the south, this made
  the water real ripply. I did notice that the water behind the dock was a bit
  calmer and saw some rises in the calmer water. I decided to give it a shot
  from the dock in spite of the strong wind.

  Tied on "Al's Fly and went down to the dock. Casting into the strong
  breeze was not pleasant at all. I did not get the first two casts where I
  wanted the fly to be. On the third cast I got a hit but missed the hook up. I
  was finally able to get the fly where I wanted it for a good drift. I hooked
  up with a small Brown. A few more casts later another small Brown. Missed a
  couple of hits then again another small Brown. I got four small browns in
  Al's Fly then I just was getting taps. I did get one good hit and missed it.
  I knew that was a bigger fish, the Browns were about 10".

  I then tied on a Peacock and Bronze and passed it over where I got the better
  hit. I got another tap then on the next cast, I hooked up. This was a good
  Rainbow  about 14". I was happy with that. Made a few more casts
  and finally decided the wind was getting the best of me. Reeled up and back
  to the house for some breakfast.

  It was a nice way to spend an hour before the day really begins.

  I released all the Trout to be caught again.

  Arkansas Tony 


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