Leaving for a show i Oklahoma in about 10 minuets. Will see if I have it on my 
laptop and send it off list. Will be traveling till this afternoon.

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Sounds like a nifty fishy pattern, but the photo 
didn't come through.

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      I did forget something. The head is Fire Orange, Not 
        black. I use black thread to tie the fly but use Fire Orange for the 
        head. The whole fly can be tied with Fire Orange 

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It is something I came up with about 12 years 
                ago. I just got back on it as I wanted to tie something real 
                simple at the Sowbug. I am still not 100%. I tie them on a sz 
                to 16 scudd hook. I gave one to a fellow from Lousianna at the 
                show. Got a call from him two days ago and he ordered a couple 
                of dozen. Said it was the best fly he ever used on Bluegills. I 
                will be tying them at the Oklahoma show this 

Hook: Scud 10-16
Thread: Black 
Weight: If desired, I tie them with and without, 
                Will try a bead head version. The sz 16 I was using was not 
                weighted. The sz 14 was.
Tail: 4 strands of Peacock 
Body, Copper Tinsel Chenille (Chili Pepper Chenille sz 
Shellback. Peacock Herl.
Head: Black 
Antenna: Two strands of Peacick Herl cur 
Wrap hook, add weight if desired.. Tie in four strands 
                of Peacock  herl behind the eye, leaving the ends beyind 
                the hook bend, Fold the herl back over itself and wrap the 
                thread back over the herl to the hook bend and just a bit 
                beyond. Tie in the chenille and wrap fwd over the Herl. Tie off 
                at the hook eye forming a small head. There will be four 
                of herl sticking out beyond the hook eye. Clip off two of them 
                at the head wrap. Clip off the other two leaving a short length 
                for the antennas. 
Clip the four strands at the tail so they 
                are a bit shorter than the hook shank. It is about a 60 second 
                fly to tie once you have all the materials laid out.
You can 
                reinforce the Herl Shell back by tying in a length of black 
                thread before tying in the Chenille. Let the thread hang and 
                wrap the body. Before bringing the herl over the Chenille for 
                the Shell back twist the thread and herl together, then tie it 
                off behind the hook eye and form  the head.
Hope I am 
                not stepping out of line attaching a photo.

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                  Do you have a photo or pattern 
                  for this Peacock & Bronze fly?  I Googled it but 
                  couldn't find a pattern like you were fishing.
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                    Anthony Spezio 
                    Tuesday, April 28, 2009 6:51 PM
                    [VFB] Fishing this evening.

                        It was drizzly and overcast most of the 
                          day and the dam was releasing a lot of water.
I had 
                          Cardiac Rehab this morning and it would 
                          like a wasted day. I decided to get started on  
                          building another canoe, started to get things 
                          and set up the forms. It was cool but started to 
                          warm up. Thunder storms were predicted 
                          for afternoon. I worked till about 4:20 when I 
                          the sun had come out and the sky cleared. I also 
                          noticed the river was down to about 2 units and there 
                          were several rises. I decided to go down to the dock 
                          and have a look, yes I did take my rod.I had a sz 16 
                          Peacock and Bronze fly tied on from the other day so 
                          started out with it. There were a few gray Caddis 
                          flying and trout were taking them. I started out 
                          making a few casts down and across and started 
                          hits on about the third cast. I rolled a couple of 
                          trout and missed a few. Then I finally hooked up. I 
                          found if I worked the fly up stream a bit, they would 
                          smash the fly. I started getting hookups. Most were 
                          browns ranging in size from 10" to 14". Then I got a 
                          real good fish on. I did not see it as it was 
                          deep. I guess it was a brown. Trying to work it up to 
                          the dock against the current, it broke off. I had one 
                          more Peacock and bronze but it was a sz14. It also 
                          looked like the water was starting to 
                          come up some. Got rigged up again but it seemed that 
                          they did not want the sz 14 as well as the sz 16.. 
                          Maybe it was the change in the water. I finally did 
                          catch a few trout on the 14 but decided to change 
                          flies. I tied on a what I call a Prism Scud. It is 
                          nothing more than some Pearl Prism Dubbing with a 
                          black thread head on a sz 16 scud hook.
I guess it 
                          must of looked like the Gray Caddis . I got a number 
                          of hits and missed most of the first ones. The 
                          was making it hard to feel the hit. I finally let the 
                          fly drift to the end of the line and just worked the 
                          fly up current and let it drift back. I could see the 
                          boil on the fly but still missed a number of fish. I 
                          heard several splashes on the other side of my dock 
                          along the bank. I was about ready to go to the house, 
                          my wife was getting dinner ready but decided to make 
                          couple of casts before going in. I don't normally 
                          that side because of the tie down cables that come 
                          from the bank to the dock. It would be hard to 
                          maneuver a fish without getting in the cables. I just 
                          flipped the fly out to the bank and had a hook up. It 
                          was a good fish I knew right off. Getting on my hands 
                          and knees I was able to grab the line and lead the 
                          trout to the net after several jumps. It was a 
                          in the 15" class. Released it and saw another swirl. 
                          Cast to it and a hook up. The same thing this time 
                          landing the trout. It was a Brown in the same class 
                          the Rainbow.. Made a couple more casts and had a 
                          I decided to make the last cast and it was the best 
                          fish of the evening. Another Brown in the 16+ inch 
                          class as fat as a pig. This is not my type of fishing 
                          as I prefer to wade but I have to take what comes 
                          along when it comes. If it will stop raining so the 
                          lakes will go down, they might shut the dam down for 
                          while. When all 8 units are running, the river will 
                          rise 12' at my house. Even with one unit running, it 
                          is still real tricky to wade. Needless to say I had a 
                          good hour and about 20 minuets on the dock with 
                          landing about a dozen trout and missing at least that 
                          many.It is not often I get action like 


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