What have you against "STREAMERS"?

You are very adimant about it for some reason. 

I like both but if asked to tie "Classic Wet Flys"; 

It would never be a streamer. 

I thinks most of us know the difference.

Just my thoughts.


May your GOD be your fishing partner.  

Join me


From: iainsh...@hotmail.com
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Subject: [VFB] winged wet flies
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2009 19:24:36 +0000

As no one objected to Rene joining it is now eleven flies 

Tie Eleven traditional winged wet flies. 
Sized for trout.  BUT NOT STREAMERS !
Due end august ?

Send your flies, with 3 dollars postage to
Iain Short, 29 Rothesay Terrace, Bedlington
Northumbria, NE225PT ENGLAND

Please name your pattern ...

1. John Bennett -
2. George Vincent -
3. Garry Smith -
4. Iain Short - 
5. Don Ordes - 
6. Ashley Strut - 
7. Thomas Eckert - Connemara Black
8. David Masson - 
9. Walter Shockley - 
10. Neville Gosling - 
11. Rene Zillmann - 

Traditional Winged Wet Flys  BUT NOT STREAMERS !

The site below shows the type and style of fly. 


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