Will send them to you off list.

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Tony, the photos would be much appreciated.

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    Can send the Step by step in photos if 

I tied this fly about 12 years ago and did well on 
      it, but as I started using other flies, I kind of let this one sit in my 
      fly box. I started using it again last year and have been doing real well 
      on it. I have caught Trout, Bluegills and Smallnouth bass 
      with it.
I tie them with and without weight and fish it without an 
      indicator. I just don't use indicators.
Tying the P&B. this is a 
      real simple fly to tie with basically two materials plus the hook and 
      thread. It was originally tied with Ginger Tinsel Chenille , now using 
      Copper Tinsel Chenille I use for the Chili Pepper.
Hook:Scud Hook: 
Weight: As Desired or none
Thread:: 8/0 Fire Orange
      Two or Three Strands of 
      Peacock Herl
Body: Copper Tinsel Chenille, Ginger can also be 
Shell Back: Two or Three strands of Peacock Herl Twisted
      Fire Orange thread
Antenna: Two strands of Peacock Herl.

      using weight, wrap the hook with lead wire as desired. Secure the wire 
      with the Fire Orange thread. Bring the thread fwd and tie in the  
      strands of Peacock Herl over the hook shank. Tie in behind the hook eye 
      leaving enough space for final tying off and the head. Leave the Herl 
      beyond the hook bend for the tail. Fold the Herl back and over wrap to 
      hook bend, bring the thread back to the hook eye. Tie in the body 
      the full length of the body wrapping down the bend a bit to give the body 
      a bit of a curve. You will be tying over the top of the folded Herl. 
      the thread fwd to the tie off point. Wrap the body and tie off at the 
      eye. Raise the tag ends of the Herl and twist them together to form a 
      rope. Pull the "rope" over the top of the body and tie off behind the 
      eye, do not cut herl yet.. This forms the Shell Back. Tie off and form a 
      definite Fire Orange Collor and head. Whip Finish. Clip off the Herl at 
      the bend to form a short tail and at the hook eye to form short 
Not really necessary but I clip off one of the three antenna 
      strands so there are only two.
I fish this fly dead drift with a twitch 
      till the swing. After the swing, I let it come to the surface and twitch 
      it a bit. Fishing one without weight, it will just drift just below the 
      surface. I have had a lot of violent strikes on this 

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        Creek again
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It is one of my flies. Late now, will post 
              Recipe tomorrow.

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                Can't Google up this Peacock and 
                Bronze.  Does it have another name, or did you invent 
                And why did you not use a 
                Curious minds...
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                  Anthony Spezio 
                  Sunday, July 12, 2009 4:08 PM
                  [VFB] Crooked Creek again

                      Had a couple of visitors today and they 
                        wanted to fish a bit, The White is still running all 8 
                        units so that was out. We headed for Crooked Creek this 
                        afternoon even though it was real hot and muggy from 
                        shower we had this morning. It was overcast when we 
                        but the sun broke through by the time we got on the 
                        Creek.One of the visitors had not fly fished before so 
                        worked with him getting set up. I gave both of them a 
                        Peacock and Bronze and tied on on myself. I stayed with 
                        the new fly fisher till he finally caught a nice 
                        Longear. I moved up to the first riffle and was 
                        some hand size Longear Bluegills. The colors on them 
                        were so bright. Just below the first riffle I caught 
                        of the largest Goggle Eye I have ever caught. It looked 
                        like a football. Further up the creek I caught several 
                        Rock Bass and several large Roach, Funny about the 
                        Roach, they take the fly as soon as it hits the water. 
                        When I see a boil when the fly hits the water, I know 
                        is a Roach. Got one small Smallmouth in that section. 
                        Took my newbee up to the hole that was real good last 
                        Wednesday, it was full of fish again. I tried to get 
                        to cast in a couple of spots but he was having 
                        difficulty casting I hated to see this but he finally 
                        gave up and headed down the creek. I took over the hole 
                        and took 15 Gills from it. Most were hand size Gills. 
                        When they quit at that hole, I headed up to the next 
                        riffle. Caught a few nice Gills there and another Rock 
                        Bass. Then I hooked into something like a rocket. It 
                        came out of the water and I saw it was a real good size 
                        Small mouth. He came out of the water the second time 
                        with a big flip. The third time was good luck for him. 
                        He broke me off. Rigged up my tippet again and tied on 
                        my last Peacock and Bronze. Working back to the get out 
                        point, I saw my newbee take a spill. It was in the 
                        shallow riffle and I started down to check on him. He 
                        was able to get up but was soaking and wet. We headed 
                        back to the van, it was just getting too hot. I lost 
                        count after 46, I got 15 more at the hole and a few 
                        before getting off the creek. This was a better day 
                        because most f the fish were on the larger size with 
                        only a handful of Pumpkin Seeds. The other friend that 
                        was with us did very well too though he was not real 
                        close to where I was fishing. He said he was sure he 
                        caught at least fifty fish.
This is a privite stretch 
                        of Crooked Creek and I am thankful that I have a place 
                        like this to fish.


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