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  Got my first cutthroat yesterday up near the Gunnison, there are some nice 
shops and owners in the area for sure.  We just arrived in Delta via a very 
scenic long cut over Rt 92 instead of Rt 50, they don't have many guard rails 
around here, but we got to see the gorge and a few other things without 
dropping off the earth.

  Peggy B

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    From Mark

    May your GOD be your fishing partner.  

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    for the list.........
    good luck Peg.....wish we could of got there earlier and fished together. 
See you and Leslie in a week at "The Farm"  i wanna hear fish stories from the 


    Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2009 20:39:58 -0400
    Subject: [VFB] Gunnison River fishing guides
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    I'm looking for a recommendation for a guide on the Gunnison River, I have 
one spot to fish so may as well be here. A hoping to fish across Colorado 
frugally, so half a day may be it.

    Peggy Brenner

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  Peggy Brenner


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