Oh, and I forgot.  Add one more.

A thinning scissors for long salt-water flies


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> Dr. Slick and Anvil have really good scissors for fly-tying.  They make 
> them
> for different uses, and I've found that they are actually focused like 
> that.
> I have a synthetics scissors for foam and plastics.  Doesn't work well for
> hair at all.
> I have 'big-finger' scissors
> and spring-loaded scissors (hold in palm kind)
> and my long-jawed German steel scissors that I serrate myself for big hair
> flies
> and my teensy-tiny scissors for midges
> and my junk scissors for cardboard and some thin leathers
> and a office scissors for thick leathers
> and a hair scissors that doubles as a moustache trimmer
> and memory fails me after that
> DonO
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> Subject: [VFB] ffisher tyer or collector?
>> How many scissors do you have and where do you get them?
>> I myself own appr 15 scissors so far. Get some from ff shops (Slick and
>> Tiemco), but own in the meantime a couple which I get on fleemarkets.
>> Some of them seems to be surgical instruments. Maybe I'm more or less a
>> collector. Own over 100 bottles of wine,.... hm back to ffing
>> Has anybody insight into scissormaker? Are these instruments really
>> designed for tying, or are they selling surgical instruments as ff tools?
>> Rene
>> >
> > 

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