My guess is that your small is about the same as the 2mm. I can't really
imagine that I would want it smaller than that. It's not like it's as dense
as normal chenille, so shorter than that wouldn't leave much more than a
white core with a little sparkle here and there...

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        Rene. Not sure about 2MM what I use comes in sz small Medium and
large. I use small for the P&B and all three sixes for CP in sz 14 to sz 4.
Yes it is the Copper Tinsel Chenille.

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          Subject: Re: AW: [VFB] Copper Chenille for Cilli Pepper and P&B
          Date: Saturday, September 19, 2009, 3:41 PM

          is it *Crystal Chenille 2mm? in Copper?
          Anthony Spezio wrote:
          > Check Mountain River Fly Shop in Cotter Arkansas. I think they
          > order. If not, I will be glad to pick it up and mail it to you
for cost.
          > Tony


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