Hi Mark,

If you look at this map:

You can see why I've never been to a Bass Pro shop before.  Obviously the
Pacific NW is not Bass Pro country!  The picture of a shop in the background
of this web page shows a building that is much smaller than the shop in
Denver.  I have a hard time describing the shop/building to people who
haven't seen one of the big ones before.  So big, it's hard to have a frame
of reference.

I was, however, inside the Wings of the Rockies flight and space museum on
the old Lowry Air Force Base in Denver, and the hangar that housed the
aircraft collection...THAT is one huge structure.  They had 35 aircraft
displayed inside the hangar, and the biggest plane, a B-1A swing wing bomber
occupied a space whose length was only about 20% of the length of the

It was a big building vacation...


Mark Romero <markflie...@hotmail.com> wrote:

>  Wes, i've been to i think, every Bass Pro store in the country......but
> the one here in Springflield (2 hours from us) is the biggest. That's their
> home base. The closeout/discount store next door is as big as some of their
> regular stores. The have another store in Branson (where we were all this
> weekend), but it's not as big. Those two stores are just a half hour away
> from eachother.
> But, if you think Bass Pro is big........you should check out
> Cabela's.....they've got one in Hamburg, PA. that is GIGANTIC!
> Sometimes Cabela's has pretty good prices on hooks and materials,
> DVD's.....etc.
> The Nor-Vise dubbing broush set-up is good, but you gotta have the vise to
> go with it.

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