Pretty cool Wes.......i read the entire article.........and as we all should 
know by now, "Opinions are like ********, and everybody has one." So, for me 
that has always meant that we're all right....and in a sense, nobody is wrong. 
It's all in ones point of view. I'm refering of course, to fly fishing as a 
"sport." As someone who deals with it every day as a sport, in the sense that 
my wife is the Captain of an international team or two, ("competetive fly 
fishing"), and because i know many who are involved with competitive fly 
fishing.....i have to give them their propers as sportsman...........but also, 
as someone who actually see's fly fishing as something that absolutely has 
nothing to do with "Sport," i also think that until we go FAR beyond looking at 
it in just such a simple minded way.......we will remain in trouble, in terms 
of rising the consciousness of those who need to help us, and have the power to 
help us do the things we need to do, to insure that the "habitat" is saved for 
future generations. As long as fly fishing is deleniated as just a "sport," and 
not totally understood as the much deeper thing it really is......we will not 
gain the political clout we need to impower ourselves to truely be able to save 
the wild places we need to insure, for the futrue of "the sport." And as long 
as the "industry" is more concerned with "promoting the sport, and selling 
rods".....anglers will continue to see their weekends as something so precious, 
they need to spend them ALL fishing, instead of doing stream work or planting 
trees. Greed begets greed Bro. i've watched this me me me me me me atitude 
perpetuate itself for years amoung fly fishers. And the only thing they can 
talk about in the bar at the end of the day, is size and 
numbers.................bores the hell out of me. You never hear them talkin' 
bout the rip rap or riparian work they just completed along a stream. Or how 
many vibert boxes they just got installed into the strem bed for rearing young 
trout. It's all, check out my new $800 rod........boring Bro. Highly BORING. i 
guess it's just me.........but i don't see much of a future for our steams and 
rivers if fly fishing is going to be continuely looked at, as just a 
sport.......i don't think that enough caring individualls will be inspired to 
do the work that needs to be done if that's as shallow as it's going to remain. 
There simply isn't enough time dig? 

Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 18:39:41 -0700
Subject: [VFB] Something different: Orvis/Old Mill Fly-Casting Course

I will be doing this Thursday for the first time with friend Steve.  It's an 
18-"hole" deal.

Last weekend Orvis sponsored a Pro-Am tournament with a bunch of neat prizes.  
I was not in town, so couldn't participate, but will at least check it out on 
Thursday evening.  I have seen a couple of the casting areas, but never have 
seen or casted the entire course.

Wes Wada
Bend, Oregon

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