benifit of the doubt is generally the best way to go with people 
over-all.........even though you will get burned cassionally.........

the day you turn completely sour on life will sour as 

fly fishin' tyin'.......none of this stuff should be taken to a 
level of turnin' you against nobody........even a flake swaper

like somebody said.............crap happens

Subject: [VFB] Re: We Need a BLacklist
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 01:09:21 -0500

I totally agree with Iain here. I has the same person that was referred to  as 
a "no show" in a panfish swap I just meistered. It was a let down not to have 
all the flies. But, for all I know, the guy could be injured or dead. And I'd 
hate to  blackball him or anybody else for something they may not  have any 
control over, cause like Iain says, we "know" each other but then again, most 
of us really don't "know" each other. There could be extenuating circumstances 
being there reason for the "no show" I hope that's the case and will give the 
guy (or any person) the benefit of the doubt until i know for certain what 
happened to them. Just my two cents.. Chuck
Please see our fly fishing hand made furled leaders at:

----- Original Message ----- 
From: iain short 
To: VFB-new 
Sent: Thursday, September 24, 2009 3:21 PM
Subject: [VFB] Re: We Need a BLacklist

Whilst I can understand the feelings of people who are running swaps or entered 
into swaps, and have to cope with dropouts who fail to apologize or give reason 
for failing to complete their agreed task, Blacklists are an unwelcome and 
ineffective way of getting flies in on time.
The last person I heard about in the US who really liked blacklists was Senator 
Joseph McCarthy.....  It would be more effective to encourage good manners and 
announce our dropping out as soon as is known.
The VFB is an unusual group of people, Poor to wealthy, Blue collar to 
scientist, mostly without any connection or interest other than fishing flies.  
Our commitments as individuals to house and work will of course result in these 
individuals dropping off the grid from time to time.  We should only wish them 
well and hope they can feel welcome to return sometime.
But it would be polite for all of us to say if they are dropping out of the 
damn swap.


It seems to me that we need to establish a blacklist of those persons who sign 
up for a swap and then fail to communicate with the swap master or other swap 
participants.  It is ok if a person has to drop out for valid reasons, or even 
if they have taken too much on and can't continue AS LONG AS THEY COMMUNICATE.  
Those that do not communicate should be balcklisted and stuck off IMHO.  BY 
taking a position in the swap, it is quite possible that they have prevented 
someone else from participating.

Neville (Nev) Gosling,
Greater Vancouver, B.C.

From: [] On Behalf Of 
Mark Romero

Iain, i've tried to get ahold of John Bennett 3/4 times in the last few luck. mark


Still waiting for flies

SECOND Traditional Winged Wet Fly Swap
If you entered both swaps you only pay postage once. 
If you entered both swaps dress Different fly's for each swap please.

Tie ELEVEN flies, toe tag them,send them to me by the end of august.
Enclose 3 US dollars for return postage
iain short, 29 Rothesay Terrace, Bedlington, Northumbria, NE225PT. ENGLANDAll 
flies must be clearly marked second swap !

Name your fly

1. Deb Duran - Peter Ross Variant - - ARRIVED
2. Dan Gober - Professor - 
3. Iain Short - Peter Ross  - - - - - - ARRIVED
4. Mark Romero - Mallard and Claret - ARRIVED
5. Garry Smith - Grizzly King - - - - -  ARRIVED FIRST (& wins prize)
6. Reuven Segal -
7. Rene Zillmann - Teal Blue & Silver - ARRIVED
8. George Vincent - Teal & Green - -  ARRIVED
9. David Mason - Guinea Hen  - - - -  ARRIVED
10.John Bennett -
11.Mike Bliss - Liberty - - - - - - - - - ARRIVED

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