Might want to soak them in water to see if the dye will run.  Some items sold 
in the $ store will bleed most of their colors when wet.
Gary S   
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  Subject: [VFB] More inexpensive tying material

  Hi VFB,

  Was at the Dollar Store just a while ago, and ran into some material that I 
think would be useful for tying.  (And at $1 each, not a bad deal!)

  They are called Just Pretending (brand) Hair Extensions.  I found them in the 
Halloween costume area.

  These are a bulk of material about 20" long in several useful colors.  The 
material is a nice weight, not too limp, not too stiff, and translucent.  Not 
sure of the composition, either an acrylic or nylon.  Colors are quite good and 
included white, several nice browns, green, chartreuse, a hot pink, an 
excellent orange, purple and a few others.  The material also includes some 
flashabou type fibers.

  I am going to use them to tie Clousers and mini-Clousers, but they would be a 
good substitute for any pattern requiring polar bear.  (Blasphemy, I know.)

  Wes Wada
  Bend, Oregon


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