Those are the new Jens Pilgaard Artistic Hooks.....they've only been around for 
maybe a year........i've been buyin' materials from Jens for at least 5 he let me know bout the hooks right off the bat.......go here to 
see them. 

Subject: [VFB] Re: Pilgaard hook again
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 23:58:16 -0500

Great looking and COLORFUL flies. Are those crazy lookin hooks for show?? or do 
they catch fish too?? What kind of hooks are they?? Chuck
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Subject: [VFB] Pilgaard hook again

again we talkin' a J.P. pic is wiff flash and one is wiffout. 
Body of this fly is with the new Mega Semi-Seal by Arizona Dubbing........and 
has five turns of antigue flat embossed gold tinsel in it.......a bit hard to 
see because of the size of the i got a thing for BIG FAT 
COLLARS.........ask my shrink ROTFLMAO..........but you can see the body just 
fine with the fly in your hand.....along with the big fat butt it has, lmao. 
Butt is a real nice Copper Brownish Ostrich herl..........bout 8/9 turns. 
Bootie on this fly came out Killin'. the lower body is a varigated thread that 
changes colors every couple inches......i've got 3/4 different spools (bobbins 
to be technically correct) of it, in different color it 
from Walmart. extended tag.....(sounds cool don't it? lmao), is antique flat 
embossed silver tinsel.....head is dyed Yellow and Orange as is the eye. Eye is 
the good stuff (gut) from Partridge. Same as on the other fly on the Pilgaard 

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