If it's for real? Sure!! Was it my catch? Take a look at my 'About me' page
and draw your own conclusions: http://www.swedneckflyfishing.com/aboutme.htm

I'm going for it tonight... again. LOL


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You gotta be kiddin. Is that thing for real?  Nice one.

On Saturday, October 31, 2009, Neville Gosling <nev.gosl...@shaw.ca> wrote:
> Wow Nick, that's a huge grayling!
> Neville (Nev) Gosling
> Greater Vancouver,
> B.C. Canada
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> Subject: [Shaw Suspected Junk Email] [VFB]
>   Record Grayling...
>   Night fishing a
>   few days ago and caught one heck of a grayling.
>   Released it
>   quickly... so I can catch it again tonight. LOL
>   /Nick
> >

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