Thankx Reuven.....that hook was sent to me by Bud Guidry.....the very well know 
and spectacular Salmon fly tyer in Louisiana. i tyed the fly as a birthday gift 
for him. The tail is Argus Pheasent.....and i got the bead in a leather/custome 
boots shop in Springfield, Missouri. Guy who works at Bass Pro in Springfield, 
sent me over there to look for skins.....i also got a bunch of rabbitt skins 
there, very cheap. The guy saw me lookin' at a skin which was part of a display 
in the Art section of the Bass Pro he starts up a 
conversation...........i was out the door like a bullet........without even 
payin' for what i had in my hands..........which i left with the cashier on the 
way out the door and hadda come back and take of that later. Snoose, you 
looze..........i sometimes find beads in the weirdest places.....not 
nessessarily a bead shop. 

We go to that Bass Pro store every chance we get..........they gotta resturant 
in there call Hemmingway's........we always sit at the bar, cause they got this 
GIGANTIC saltwater aquarium behind the bar.........really relaxing way to eat, 
watchin' them fish. 
> Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2009 19:51:01 +1100
> From:
> To:
> Subject: [VFB] Re: Mandarin
> One of the cooles flies I have ever seen. Looks like it is coming in to 
> land. One ofmy favourite 2 of your flies.
> Mark Romero wrote:
> > Pete, here's a couple pics of a fly i did using the two shoulder 
> > feathers off a Mandarin Drake skin..........there are only two of 
> > these feathers on an entire skin. You wanna do another fly usin' 
> > gotta get another skin.
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