My flashabou consists of very thin and straight  fibers, appr. 1 inch
long. It does not stick together in any way. therefore it is impossible
to form the starting teardrop for the rope process. What i do is to take
the material on my index and middle finger and then I do a starting
noodle on the thread with my thumb. 1 to 2 wraps to lock the flashabou
on the hook. Than I start roping.
When I anchor some flashabou on the hook without this noodle, more than
50% of the material is falling on the floor.

Don Ordes wrote:
> Rene,
> Flashabou is great to rope with, as there's at least a half-dozen effects 
> you can get.
> But depending on the flash material, static electricity can give you fits.
> I work with Flashabou on the DVD, too.  There will be more of it on DVD2. 
> Just ran out of space.
> I'm waiting to hear if I can get a European DVD format made.
> Buggs is doing Australian Possum flies, and my Buffao Stones are done.
> DonO
> ----- Original Message ----- 
> From: "Rene Zillmann" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Sunday, November 08, 2009 10:50 AM
> Subject: [VFB] Fur Swap
>> Swappers,
>> I finally decided to ty a 'Kangaroo Soft Hackle'.
>> Found a patch of kangaroo fur, very soft stuff, in my secret drawer.
>> It is just a fur tail, some flashabou dubbing for the body, and fur tied
>> in split thread for the hackle.
>> Really tricky to dubb the flashabou, rope dub isn't working without
>> modifications. Make a noodle and than rope, this works.
>> And no, Don, no EP in the secret drawer
>> Rene
> >

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