Now I remember what the Benchside Introduction was. I'ts the one Marvin
Nolte described to me when we tied in Finland... as a reeeally good beginner
book too. It is a pattern book... and a method book... both in the same
package (yep, spiral bound, though hard cover). The pages are cut in half,
kind of two books on top of eachother. A step-by-step of the FLY on the top
half, like the average step-by-step instruction... where the fly step on top
refer to a page in the lower half, breaking down the individual moments
further in deeper instructions (Benchside Reference type). Great way of
being able to cover many fly patterns and still do REALLY detailed
step-by-steps for each of them... without having to repeat the same
technique SBS in every fly tutorial it was used.
One can wonder... how many pages did they save by doing this. As I
understood Marvin, it had over 100 fly patterns. If each of those patterns
had a step-by-step for its steps... how many pages would that result in?
To me it sounds like a great introduction book.

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Skickat: den 8 november 2009 16:26
Till: virtual fly box
Ämne: [VFB] Re: Nick.....

got ya.....musta been the other one...................according to the
descriptions at was the other one.


Subject: [VFB] Re: Nick.....
Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2009 14:28:27 +0100

Can't say what the Bencside Introduction reveals... but the Benchside
Reference reveals no patterns... or recipes, if you want. It's a
step-by-step book packed with TECHNIQUES. One 'Wings'-chapter, one
'Bodies'-chapter etc etc... separate moments. You simply cannot tie an
entire fly using only one step-by-step.
Some people build houses while another group of people are supplying the
bricks for it.
Benchside Reference shows you how to make the bricks... a wide range of
different bricks
It's a book that digs really deep into fly-tying.

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Från: [] För Mark
Skickat: den 8 november 2009 04:42
Till: virtual fly box
Ämne: [VFB] Nick.....

Nick, i got that book mixed up with another one i it the
Benchside Introduction to Fly Tying that has patterns...........? i remember
the one my friend had was spiral bound and you could lay it flat on the
table. i think i'd better order the Benchside Reference, lol.


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