Christmas Fly Swap

1. Simple - you only tie one fly and send me the digital photo of it.

2. Enclose tying instructions and Christmas message to the rest of VFB if you 

I have put photos on both my photobucket and flickr photo sites in
dedicated Christmas fly swap albums, the web addresses are below so
everyone can see the flies.

Any fly as long as you can photograph it but must contain Deer Hair or Big Horn 
Christmas colours would be nice but not compulsory

No money, No posting flies, Just tie one and Email the photo with tying 
instructions to me.

There is no limit to the number of entrants to this swap as you only have to 
tie one fly and email the photo to me.

1.  Rene Zillmann -
2.  Jimmy Moore-Thor                              Photo Received & Posted on 
3.  Walter Shockley - 
4.  Jerry McKaughan-Tapps Bug                 Photo Received & Posted 
5.  Joyce Westphal-Santa's Shaving Brush   Photo Received & Posted
6.  Alan Fish - Everett Drake Minnow -
7.  Ashley Strutt - 
8.  Mark Romero - Denver Bronco
9.  Bob Haering -
10. George Vincent -
11. Kieth Passant - 
12. Alan Fish
13. Iain Short - Keyser Findhorn                 Photo Received
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