Here's the recipe for the newest and last (until i get the flies done for Peggy 
& Patrick) fly i'll do until my swap obligations are fullfilled. i haven't 
named it yet............pic will follow whenever i can get it 
done..........just put this recipe together 

with a pic of a pretty much, purple fly. 


Hook: Alex Hayes which i dyed purple

Thread: Danville 6/0 Primrose

Tip: Lagartun Pearl French Mini-Braid

Tag: Sunrise, Blue wool made in India & ribbed with Largartun large oval 
varnished French tinsel

Butt: dyed Blue Ostrich herl

Rear half body section: abstract Purpleish lampwork glass bead, veiled above 
(2) and below (1) with dyed light blue CDC

Front half body section: two thirds purple and red wound dubbing brush, one 
third black wound dubbing brush, all palmered with a dyed dark Blue Grizzley 
saddle hackle

Wing: two dyed Purple Amhearst Pheasent tail tips, and one dyed dark Blue 
Amhearts Pheasent tail tip

Collar: one dyed Fushia Grizzley saddle hackle

Head: dyed Blue and Fandango Pink

Eye: antique violin string gut dyed Purple and Blue


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