I can offer:

a cat. Bait was an eel. We caught the eel with a worm (Well, in those
dark days, trillions of years ago.,.), and when we tried to unhook the
eel, a cat took the eel and run away. We played the eel for 2 or 3
minutes, but finally broke off. Never got eel, worm or hook back.

My brother: Hooked him on a windy day with a lure. We were not able to
remove the hook from the backside of his head. The first doctor was not
able to help us, we went to the hospital, and they called all doctors
and nurses to the room, to see those crazies. Finally they helped us to
remove the hook and inoculate my bro.

Pickled fish: Ok, that was not me, but a neighbor took my nod, and
knotted the can to the line. I remember being out for a fresh can of beer.


Don Ordes wrote:
> OK, we have so far:
> Cottonmouth
> Owl
> (bear don't count unless you hooked him)
> bat
> This would make for a neat article on Byard's website, if he'd ever
> upgrade it.
> DonO

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