you mean you are now Fly Gluing instead of Fly Tying the da Vinci way . (not




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von Mark Romero
Gesendet: Sonntag, 15. November 2009 08:44
An: virtual fly box
Betreff: [VFB] this one.....


This is the one that i sent the recipe for the other day.....and said to
look for basically, a Purple Fly. This is an Alex Hayes hook i painted
Purple. Got the bead off ebay.....the veilings for the bead, (above and
below ) are dyed blue CDC from Marc Petijean, and i forgot to tye them in at
the proper later on, i had to clue them in with Zap-a-Gap, by
just dipping the stem in a drop of it, amd inserting them into position,
lol. But they held fine with no mess whatsoever. Once i had them inserted, i
hadda hold them like that for bout a minute each til they set. i kninna like
the's a clean way to do it, with pin point accuracy, and may
be a better way to do it, as the drop off right in front of the bead with a
bead that big, is trememdous....which is why i use a dubbing brush for the
forward portion of the body.....nice and FAT! i made the dubbing brush out
of some Purple synthetic dubbing and Red Light Bright, and it's picked out.
For the wing i hadda go with what i had.....and it's VERY difficult to find
pheasent tails that have perfect tips no matter where you get them or what
type of pheasent it is.....but perfection is not what i'm after anyway. It's
a general or sometimes specific effect that i'm make a artistic statement. Nature is not perfect, art is not
perfect, human beings are not perfect. Da Vinci prolly tell you the Mona
Lisa was not who cares. It was a successful work.
Perfect is overrated, lmao.


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