I know my camera is a MUST when I go fishing. I have a Sony DSC-H2 and have 
been pleased with it. But it's three years old and I want to try something 
new.. Chuck

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  Chuck, cameras are on topic, and we've had threads on them before, and we've 
had real experts on VFB, but don't jnow if they're luring or dropped- don't 
hear much from them anymore.

  Cameras are part of flyfishing gear, and after the trip, the only thing that 
remains is the fading memories and the memory-refreshing photos.  Plus fly 
photos, etc.  Even my scanner is part of my flyfishing gear, like the pc.

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    Folks: The reason I said that a site  that compares digital cameras IS "On 
Topic" is because it's hard to be a fly fisher or tier without a good digital 
camera right??? Well, I found this site a few years back and it's like the 
"Consumer reports " site on steroids (plus it's FREE unlike Consumer reports 
LOL.).And, the site is NOT biased. It's the time of the year when you'll either 
be giving or getting cameras, and you want to give (or get) the best one you 
can afford right?? And you want to know what all the bells and  whistles are 
and what they mean on each camera etc etc ect. Anyway, just go to   
http://www.dpreview.com/ and start reading up on the camera that you wish to 
give or receive. HTH somebody, Chuck



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