Chuck.....what you need to realize is that every show is different.....based on 
who runs it. You have to do them all to find out which ones your going to want 
to go back and do again and again. Some are MUCH better than others, based on 
how you get treated. Are you made to feel welcome and appreciated. Do they 
thank you for your time and effort. Do they feed you. Do they keep you hydrated 
during the day. Do they help you if you need it, with load in and load out, 
etc., etc., etc., etc......all these things play and part in your decision 
making when deciding wether or not you wanna go back. And then of course 
there's the expense involved. Bottom line is not all shows have the same 
standard as to how they treat their guest tyers.........."MOST" are cool. Some 
got a LONG way to go. Sowbug is one the BEST! So i expect to see you here.      
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