Don, & folks, i've been asked to let any of you know, (actually the way it was 
worded is, "who would be a benifit to the show"), who might wanna tye at the 
FFF Washington State Council Conclave, (technically called, the Washington 
State Fly Fishing Fair) in Ellensburg, Washington April 30th and May 
1st.....that they are accepting reccommended tyers. So, if you want me to put 
your name in...........just lemme know. And you'll recieve an invite. This year 
back in May was our first time to do it, and it was a terrific show. They 
treated us great. The had a dinner for us one night, and helped with loading in 
and out, and made sure we had water at all times, and they had a special rate 
at the hotel, and thanked us like crazy and were just super nice. And, a 
TERRIFIC river, (the Yakimaw) goes right through town. The Yak is LOADED with 
Bows, Cutts, Cuttbows and Brookies in the upper stretches. ALL fish are 
"Wild".....obviously the Brookies are not Native, but they are wild. The river 
is incredable, we floated it the day after the show and caught all Bows. The 
show will be in it's 4th year next year, and there are many good reason to go, 
not the least of all is this one guy who comes with alllllllllllllllllll kinna 
pheasent skins, etc., etc. for sale. It's not every day you can score like you 
can from this guy....Blue Eared, Amgold, Silver, Trags, Revees, Chuckers, 
Quails, etc., etc., etc.....and very fair prices. Anyway.....think about it.    
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