Are you using Adobe Photoshop to crop?

Are you using Windows Mail?

There is more than one way to re-size a photo:  (some less work than others)

1.  In windows, use rich format and insert the photo- don't use attachment.  
This will give you the giant picture we see when you send it.  

Use the upper left corner grab point and drag it at 45 deg. towards the 
opposite corner and let go.  The picture will shrink.  Repeat until you have 
the size you want.  With a little practice, you can make all your photos the 
with of the message without extensive photoshop work.    This will leave the 
memory large- send one photo at a time.

2.  Use photoshop.  If you want your original photo for records, save the photo 
as that name (or the name you want for the fly) + 'A' letter, denoting a 
revision to the original.  Use the 'resize' tool to resize the photo and save 
it.  Now inset that one and check if you got the correct size.    email size 
will be smaller

3.  Reset your camera photo format in the menu function to take smaller 
photographs.    email size will be smaller

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  From: Mark Romero 
  To: virtual fly box 
  Sent: Tuesday, November 17, 2009 11:36 PM
  Subject: [VFB] another try

  still trying.....lemme know 

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