Hi Tony,
I understand, but disagree. pls stay with the gang. There are times
where we have more banter and chat on the line, and times where we talk
more technical. And silent times, where we think that the list might
I remember times, where I sorted my inbox by sender names, and deleted
Anyway,, we have now trained Mark, so that he is sending his pics in a
reasonable size, and we will get further things sorted out as well.
Right now there are posts which I read always very carefully, this are
all of your posts, from DonO, Buggs, iain, Mart, some of Mark's, and
there are a lot of posts where I read the first line, and than delete it
And to be honest, I found a lot of posts in the last days very
interesting and enjoyable. Mark's flies, harvesting materials
(starling), Joice' question about static on materials, behavior on
shows. I'd rather delete clutter, than loosing valuable information.
And to all members: is it really necessary to write posts to the list,
which contains only LOL, Hurrraaaaa or I see?
All the best to my friends on the list and special to Tony


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Hi tony well we'll miss you for sure you take care of yourself and
thanks for everything drop me a line when ever you think of it 

You take care you'll be miss for sure 



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"As soon as I send in the Christmas swap photos, I am out of here. I
have been with this list since day one but it is time to leave."


Tony, I will miss you on here, but I understand.  I will always
remember the IOFF, Spines vs Splines, Co-op swaps, and 700 VFBers from
years ago.   



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