"When the going gets rough , head for the stream.  You might not catch a 
but your psyche, body and soul will benefit from a little solitude and 
fresh air.  if
you can't do that why not keep one of your better fly rods at the office 
and fondle
it from time to time. Just the feel of a fine fly rod in your hand will 
do wonders for
your health."©

Jimmy D. Moore

****************  ><((((((((º>  *****************************************
JIMMY D. MOORE, ARS WB5RHT,author Moon Holler Misfits 
Fishing & Hunting Club, Member, TOWA Past VP Guadalupe 
River Trout Unlimited, Member, North Zone Fishing Editor Emeritus,
Texas Fish & Game Magazine, VFB & FFW Moderator, Scout 
Exec. BSA, Retired, http://bigtroutman.tripod.com/index.html                    
*****************  <º))))))))><   ***************************************

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