Hi Wes & Allan

Flying related but not fly-tying!

I spent over 3 hours sitting on a full A330 aircraft yesterday at London,
Heathrow airport. I arrived at the airport early at 11:30 am due to the
adverse road conditions and anticipating extra security screening delays.
The flight was scheduled to depart at 13:00 hours but prior to leaving for
the airport was delayed until 14:30 (nowhere for incoming aircraft to go).
The next problem was that the ground handler ran out of de-icing fluid. By
now, it was snowing quite heavily - large wet flakes of snow that froze upon
impact.  There was no air conditioning and I was in shirt sleeves on the
totally full aircraft, trying to cool off. A third party company confirmed
availability of de-icing fluid, but we had to wait our turn. When the
de-icing truck arrived, they managed to get the tail and left wing de-iced
and then  ran out of fluid and had to go and refill before continuing.
Finally at 18:15 we took off for the 9 hour flight back home.

Neville (Nev) Gosling
Greater Vancouver,
B.C. Canada 

> Subject: Re: [VFB] Back Home
> Welcome back, Neville.  Didn't all the snow in the UK remind 
> you of back home?
> And you're right, all the files have been removed from the
> www.virtualflybox.com web site server.
> Wes

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