I belong to three (3) forums.  Neither of the 3 get much use, and they have
just as many problems as the VFB.  BTW, the Virtual Fly Box website
appears to have been removed.

However, the Lines End Online Fly Shop is still operational at:


Back before we went with Google, there was a Forum available on the
VFB website. There was also a Chat Room.  It was a late night deal
and not everyone like DonO, Allan and I are "late Owls."

Byard has lots of good deals right now, and some close out prices on
selected items.

Allan Fish wrote:

I prefer the current format of VFB. I've tried forums (fori?) and didn't really like the format.

But, as the old saying goes, I'm no longer a youngster, although I hate to admit it.



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