I have done something similar with 8-1/2" x 11" page protectors.  Only I
put in all the materials
needed for a certain fly.  Hooks and dubbings are put in small zip loc bags
and then into the
page protector.   I label each "page"  and it makes things easier when I
want to tie something
like a White River Demon, Muddler Minnow, or a Klinkhammer.  This is my one
attempt so
far to get some organization to my otherwise complete mess of fly tying

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My favorite for travel is to get a lightweight binder and put in 8-1/2" x
11"  pages of clear plastic business card files.  Each pocket meant to hold
a business card will hold a LOT of dubbing.  For an additional trick, punch
a hole in the face of each pocket and pull the dubbing through the hole for
a dispenser.  My travel binder has about 60 different kinds of dubbing in
it, and it takes next to no space and weighs very little.  It all fits in a
side pocket of the case that I transport my tying vise in.

Wes Wada
Bend, Oregon

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