Mike I would'nt mind betting it was a Reeves pheasant. I have seen
some very long but not the length you talk of. Longest I have seen
were around 4 1/2 ft


On Feb 23, 9:15 am, Michael Bliss <flyfish...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I had a DonO (his emperor penguin) type of experience.  We had a group from
> China come and do a cultural presentation at the university.  A group from
> Inner Mongolia in China presented dances and music.  One of the dances had
> these beautiful young girls dancing.  I was captivated.  On their heads was
> a single feather that was at least 5 feet tall, others a bit more.  It
> looked a lot like a pheasant.  I talked (thru an interpreter) to the girls
> after their presentation.  They were very cute and I asked about the
> feather.  I guess that they could see the desire in my eyes and they ran and
> got one for me.  I was so excited - then they said, "we wish we could give
> it to you but we cannot as we are on tour."  Oh well.  It was a great
> feather and it was very much like a pheasant.  I tried to find it on-line
> but could not.
> --
> Mike Bliss
> Aloha from Hawaii

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