ALL Rope-dub swappers and want-to swappers:

Note:  I don't want anyone to think I'm blackmailing anyone to buy my DVD- far 
from it.  This swap was set up a while back and planned for DVD tiers to give 
them something to shoot for.

If you don't have the DVD and want to be in a rope-dub swap, I'll hold a 2nd 
swap-RDS-2010B- open to anyone.  (limit 12 tiers)  

If you are interested, reply and I'll make a new list.  Apply on the 2nd list 

So as not to load me up, these flies will be due one month after I make the 
final call on RDS-2010A

Right now, I have 2010A as limited to around 30 tiers, if all sign up who 
bought DVDs.  If you don't want to tie that many flies, sign up for swap #2.  
We'll see how it goes.

Same rules apply as for any swap- returnable package with return postage and 
address, & toe tags with name, dubbing material, and core material.  For A & B

There's lots of ideas for rope-dubbing now on my website, and this is what I've 
been waiting for to kick off this swap.

Rope-dub Swap 2010A !  Swapmeister: Don Ordes-  Deadline to sign up- April 10th.

*?? flies by June 1st (depends on how many sign up)


Already signed up: (need fly name)


Rick Zieger-

Larry Johnson-

Joseph Fusco, Jr.-

Peggy Brenner-

Nick Runarsson-

Mike Bliss-

Chuck Alexander-

Ashley Strutt-


J Balmer - Smegmatron? (is that a fly?)

Neville Gosling -

Rope-dub Swap 2010B !  Swapmeister: Don Ordes  (Limit 15 tiers) 

                                                           Deadline to sign up- 
April 10th. 

Names & Fly names:

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