Hi Gang!

It's hard to realize that it's been six years since my first Moon Holler book. I've been promising I'd write Moon Holler II (two), all this time, only to keep putting it off. My apologies. What got me in the 'writing mood' again? Well, to tell you the truth, I just plain got tired of coming up with excuses, not to mention the constant 'ass chewing' by Fish, Di
Somma, plus a few others who were not quite as blunt about it.

I kept a list of fly tying buddies who emailed me to keep you in mind for Moon Holler II. For sure, I'll keep you informed along the way. Hope to go to publisher by early 2011. Fish and Di Somma will probably be characters in the book. Maybe Don O too, if I can figure a way to work Veronica and Buggs in. Yes, Nick, you and Jester
will be there too!  Being Swedish RED NECKS qualifies both of you.

Now that I've put the pressure on myself by announcing to all, I've gotta produce !

Have a Good Weekend.


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JIMMY D. MOORE, ARS WB5RHT,author Moon Holler Misfits Fishing & Hunting Club, Member, TOWA, Past VP Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited, North Zone Fishing Editor Emeritus, Texas Fish & Game Magazine, VFB & FFW Moderator, Scout Exec. BSA, Retired, http://bigtroutman.tripod.com/index.html ***************** <º))))))))>< ***************************************

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