Sorry you lost so much.   Last week my computer went into a continous
loop.  Luckily, a computer guy at work got it back to working  correctly.
But I never worried about losing any email info.   For years I've used
folders in both
Yahoo and Gmail.  With Gmail though and problably Yahoo,  you can just
leave any email in your Inbox. Or you
can archive them.  But I like folders. I can find what I'm looking for
faster.   I have folders
for  Amateur Radio, BSA motorcycles, Fly Recipes, Fly Swaps,  ........
all of them are
stored on the their servers.  So no loss whatever happens to my computer.
If I find any info I want to save, I put it in an email to myself and then
into one
of my folders.

  I have many fly recipes from various VFB members in my files (folders) If
you remember specific ones let me know and if they are ones I have
saved I'll get them to you.

Gary L Webb

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