OK you guys, this is a recipe for hot tomato soup to enjoy after a day of 
fishing (as temperatures cool).  I want to share it somewhere, and I have no 
plans of EVER joining a recipe sharing site. 

I have had an abundance of tomatoes, and have been looking for ways to use them 
up, so I have been experimenting with various recipes  for tomato soup.  None 
tasted like I wanted till this one, which is a blending of the good ideas from 
all of the others. Delete or enjoy:

Tom's Roasted Tomato/Basil Onion Rue Cream of Tomato Soup. (Tom Soup)


1 (8 tablespoon stick) of butter, melted .
1 medium onion, diced 
1 garlic clove
Handful of fresh basil (or dry basil, to taste)
1 cup cooking sherry (or the real thing if you have it)

74 oz of fresh tomatoes (or same amount of canned tomatoes if fresh isn't 
3 tablespoons chicken soup base (this is a paste sold in a jar)
3 tablespoons brown sugar
3 bay leaves
salt, white  or black pepper to taste (taste before seasoning, some of the 
other ingredients already are salted)

1-1/2 cup whole milk, OR  half and half, OR cream (depending on whether your 
wife is watching).


Fire up the grill, and lay the tomatoes on, and roast over medium heat.  If 
using canned tomatoes, you can get a similar result by draining the liquid (set 
it aside and add back later) then broiling the tomatoes under the broiler.

While the tomatoes are roasting, melt butter, and add onion, garlic, basil and 
sherry.  Cook until onions are transparent, then pour all of the ingredients 
into your blender, and blend until smooth.  Add back to pan, and bring to a 
simmer.  Add flour whisking constantly.  It will thicken right up.  Move off 
the heat.

Put roasted tomatoes into your blender, and blend until smooth, then add to 
rue.  Stir it all up until blended.  Now add sugar and season to taste (canned 
tomatoes, chicken base, and cooking sherry all have a bunch of salt, so taste 
it first before adding salt).  NOTE  The sugar is very important, if you taste 
it as you add it you will notice how it brings out flavor.  Use more or less to 

Last, add milk or cream.  (Reheat the soup, but don't boil it after milk is 

Garnish with your favorite garnish (chopped fresh basil or parsley, parmesan 
cheese are all good) and serve with your favorite fish.


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