This is terrific.  In January my son and I will compete in a rod
building contest at Walter Reed sponsored by Project Healing Waters.
We can use all tips that you'd be willing to offer.  Neither of us has
built a rod of any kind before.  This is most timely.



Bob Hendry

On Dec 29, 3:52 pm, Anthony Spezio <> wrote:
> Rene,
> Doing this onle tells you where the spine is but not the side to put the 
> guides. An easier way to do this is lay the blank on a flat surface with 
> about 18 to 24" beyond the end of the table.Now flick the end and watch it. 
> Rotate the blank and flip till the tip does not oscillate any more. The spine 
> is there. Now what side do you put the guides, you have two choices, for me 
> only one is right. Another thing and I have heard of this on Graphite, being 
> too heavy on wiggling the tip has broken a few blanks. I had a tip break on a 
> blem bamboo blank showing this to a friend. I still have this in the shop.
> I am including two posts I did a while back along with a photo of how I do it 
> and of the broken tip
> Tony
> Here are two articles I did a while back
> Arkansas Tony
> Subject: Spine spline
>  Subject: Re: The Spine in the Splines

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