I would not go through Chicago, if possible. Due to the heavy winds the
flights are sometimes/often cancelled, when they use small planes as
they use it for springfield.
St.Louis is good, but I don;t know if you get flights to St.louis
Just my experience and 0.02 cents <G>

On 01/23/2011 12:13 AM, Neville Gosling wrote:
> Hi Jimmy:
> I noticed that and wondered why. I thought perhaps it was an alternative
> "local" name.
> I am having a heck of a time trying to organize the flights. It's not an
> easy place to get to from Vancouver. I have ruled out Branson as an arrival
> airport because it has just AirTran and Frontier and no good connections.
> I looked at Little Rock and its possible but not ideal, and so now I'm
> working on Springfield, MO (SGL). Again, that's further away and not ideal
> but the connection are better. Travelocity came up with no connections for
> XNE. Some of the elapsed times including the connections are in excess of 13
> hours. I can get to London, England in less time!
> I am now looking at possible connections points such as Denver, Chicago,
> Detroit, Dallas, Atlanta & Los Angeles.
> Nev
> Subject: [VFB] Re: Mountain Home, not American Home
> Larry, Sow Bug's at Mountain Home, not American Home. LOL
> Tho't I was the only one who did things like that. VBG

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