Funny thing. I can send and receive, but when I hit reply to type an answer, the damn thing won't let me type, cut, copy, or paste a message. At this point I'll be receiving on Webmail and responding on Netscape e-mail. Not a terribly huge problem, just aggravating. Had this happen once before and it ironed itself out in a couple days. In case you're wondering, the reason I'm not using netscape e-mail for both sending and receiving is because on Netscape, I can send only,
but cannot receive. (That's why I'm using webmail. DUH!!)


P.S.  I've tried Earthlink support and they can't help me.  Maybe I need to
get a new ISP.

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JIMMY D. MOORE, ARS WB5RHT,author Moon Holler Misfits Fishing & Hunting Club, Member, TOWA, Past VP Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited, North Zone Fishing Editor Emeritus, Texas Fish & Game Magazine, VFB & FFW Moderator, Scout Exec. BSA, Retired, ***************** <º))))))))>< ***************************************

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