On 4/27/2011 10:46 AM, ray...@earthlink.net wrote:

    We got hit in C. Texas from 6-11 p.m. last night. Must have been
    12-15 tornadoes sighted, in a six county area, but most didn't
    touch down or were in open crop land.Thank God, there was little
    damage. No measurable rain, which was sorely needed.

JimmyD, We are getting the bluster and fireworks too, but little rain. My favorite lakes are from 4-8' low and the only thing growing here is a great crop of weeds. It has been raining just enough to keep the _*"yard*"_ growing and too wet to mow. (no it isn't a "lawn") Guess I'll be spending some time sharpening things in the shed: tools,hooks,spare mower blades, etc; I have a fly rod disassembled,refinished and ready for a handle and guides, but can't seem to get started. Been messing with it for months now.
I'm praying that the weather spares all of us from any undue hardships.

Stay safe and dry, y'all,


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