>From last year. Iain lived fairly near to the town of Morpeth in 
>Northumberland, England. I did have his address for 
the swap, but that is so long ago & I can’t find it now.

Neville (Nev) Gosling

From: Don Ordes 
Sent: Thursday, May 13, 2010 7:41 AM
To: vfb-mail@googlegroups.com 
Subject: [VFB] Heard from Iain's wife...

Linda (Iain's wife) wrote:

"Iain has injured back, cant move properly, cant sit, cant bend.
2 discs - 2 sciatic nerves - chip off spine - left leg.

He is at last bad tempered again, swearing, complaining, and bored to death.

He will get back on line to vfb ASAP."


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