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In the early 1970s Mustad established a regional centre and fish hook factory 
in Singapore where they produced a range of articles for sport fishing, 
including fishhooks. The Mustad company in the Philippines had made it possible 
to expand sales of flies, snelled hooks, jigs, rigs and lures. This has given 
the company a broader basis and has enhanced the penetration of Mustad fish 
hooks worldwide. Mustad has also acquired hook-manufacturing plants in Brazil – 
where it operates out of Porto Alegre – and Portugal.

In 2001 Mustad decided to build a large fish hook factory in Wuxi, China. The 
plant has been expanded twice and the last expansion was completed in 2008-09. 
The Singapore factory was closed down in 2007 and all fish hook production 
transferred to China

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Neville (Nev) Gosling

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