Hey guys my house was hit by a bolt of lightening a week ago and it
blew out most of the electronics in the house. Everyone was ok but it
really screwed up a few locations around the house. Luckily there was
no fire associated with the strike that I could not get out
immediately. Very rude awakening at 4 in the morning. We have visited
with insurance and are starting to pick up the pieces and replace some
of the items that were destroyed.

Does anyone know much about antenna systems? I need to replace the old
system but don't have much of a clue on what I need and how to set it
I do know it had a rotator control, pre-amp and a uhf-vhf fringe
antenna. Anyway if you can help me in any way please drop me a line
off list probably would be best unless others want to learn the
benefits of off air systems B^)

FISHING?TYING RELATED: I did find where my wife hid my flies for the
Thunder Creek Swap that morning so I should be able to get them out as
soon as I have tagged them and found a envelope to send them.

" Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing - After
they have exhausted all other possibilities "
--Winston Churchill --


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