Hi Gang,  Sorry about being absent from the list so long.  Lotta
catching up to do.

Things are looking better.  I meet with the Baylor Sports Medical
Group led by Doctor Jon Ellis each Thursday. Doc's group is the
one that takes care of all injuries, etc. for, Baylor especially football.
Highly recommended by Steve Corwin, one of my fly fishing Buds.

I meet with him or one of his PA's each Thursday. Spend an hour doing
really tough excercises with my feet.  He said that basically he would
be re-building my FLAT feet, not to worry, they'll  Git-Er-Done. I can
tell that my anklesare getting better.  If this keeps up, his 6 month plan
will make a new man out of me. Soon as I finish the foot stuff, I'll move
to my calves and thighs which have atrophied,  because of not being able
to work them out on my Nautilis :knock off weight machine. The feet
play a big part in my calves and thighs. Push with ankles, leg lifts,
ankles. Not doing much walking outside of  walmart and HEB grocery.

That's the good stuff.  Now, the not so good. I've been diagnosed with
Essential Tremor.  I have very small tremors in my hands, which really,
don't bother me except when I get aggravated or frustrated.  Even then
the tremors don't interfere with anything, because when I think about
it, the tremor goes away. t.
Funny thing. .When a temor starts, I can just (tell it to quit, in my mind
in my mind and it does.  No shaking when holding coffee cup, fork,
etc. I can hold my notes and there's no tremor.  I can hold a sheet of
paper and No Tremor, mind takes over and prevents the shaking
My only bother is when I really get PO'ed , then my hands will shake
until I tell them to stop. They Stop. very rare for essential tremor to
morph into Parkinsons.  We have no family history of it.

Doc said if the tremors start bothering me, he can give me a medication
that will control them. The doc said most people with essential tremor
never seek treatment never seek medical help.

My back still acts up, but it's been six months since I last had a chiropractic treatment.. The pain on/in my sacroaliac comes and goes. A hot shower usually
quiets it down.


P. S. I've had no problems tying my flies and I'm optimistic about the foot
getting back into good enough shape to WADE !!! :-)
No decision yet on SOW BUG :-\

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