Folks: I ALMOST fell for the oldest trick in the book by a site that has 
treated me VERY WELL in the past, but they are now pulling the old "bait and 
switch". I'm talking about Jann's Netcraft. I went there to price some 
materials, and an ad said "take our 30 second ad and win $100". Well, that does 
sound too good to be true, but I do know that some companies do these surveys 
to try and get different demographics etc in order to try and target more 
customers, thus, coming out ahead in the long run. Well, I took the survey, and 
yes, it asks questions about my purchase history, whether I would refer 
Netcraft to friends, what type products I bought, my age group etc. Then, at 
the end of the survey, it asked for my name, email addy, and a cell phone 
number. Fine. It said that a text file would be sent to my phone with a code to 
use to "redeem" my $100. I got the code, typed it in on their site like it told 
me too, and BANG, the bait and switch happened. It was just about to charge my 
cell phone acct $9.95 a month for some "credits" of some sort (I guess that is 
where the $100 came in, but it was SUPPOSED to be FREE (or in exchange for 
taking the survey). Luckily, I read the "fine print" and hit the right button 
to "decline" the $9.95 a month authorization. If you go to their site, BEWARE 
of this "scheme". You can bet I fired them off an email (as live chat had 
already closed for the day) that will make the email reader's ears BURN LOL... 
I told them though, that not only mad, but I was sad, as I might expect this 
from some eBay seller or "fly by night" seller, but not from a site like 
Netcraft that has been in business a long time, and has treated me well for at 
least 7 years now. Chuck

In the immortal words of Gomer Pyle "Fool me once, shame on YOU, fool me twice, 
shame on YOU", and you can bet I won't get fooled like that TWICE......

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