What size are you looking for? I'll go to my local Joannes and get you a couple in return for the very nice old Roundtable magazines you sent me several months ago.

The have some for scrap booking, beading or larger.


On 1/28/2014 7:02 PM, Neville Gosling wrote:
Thanks Mike:

We have a Walmart Super Centre near here which I use occasionally. The
problem is that the Canadian Walmart stores do not have the same stock
as those in the USA and this is true of several of the Big Box
companies.  I am really looking for a box with a single compartment so
that I can glue in the micro-slit foam fly holders, but I'll take a look
anyhow. Thanks

Neville Gosling


I found some perfect boxes at WalMart a few years ago.  I do not know
if they still have them.  They were just like a flybox.  They were
like the C&F boxes - plastic that folded.  They had several
compartments and each of the folded sided had lids or covers that
snapped over their compartment.  They were just a couple of bucks.  I
bought several.  They came in many colors and the covers to the
compartments were kind of opaque.  They were in the area where they
had the sample size toiletries.


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