Good excuse Allan,

you know, I have a diploma in nuclear physics, so I should know. Puhhhh,
never worked in this space, was downgraded to IT already during my time
at the university, now I'm working for a tech company, consulting
companies how to optimize their engineering. Life was so easy in these
thermo classes.

As we are talking temperature, my fishing at the weekend was slow,
didn't see any fin. However, casting the new rod was great, we did wade
the Mosel, (you know, wine area), and in the evening a nice glass of
Riesling, I can see the hill where they grow grapes.

I did extend the blank by appr. 12 cm, this turned the blank from a size
6 to a size 7 rod. We tried a couple of lines, son made some slowmo
videos with his phone, man, I'm an ugly caster. But we could nicely
analyze, how the rod behaves. It's a no. 7 now.


On 01/29/2014 09:07 PM, Allan Fish wrote:
> On 1/29/14, 1:59 PM, Rene Zillmann wrote:
>> Thermodynamics without Entropy. Ok, I haven't understood entropy,
>> must be something with my work desk..Or hackle storage, tying table.
> Rene, I remember listening to some very beautiful verbiage with
> equally impressive terms during my thermodynamics classes.  Entropy
> and  Enthalpy were only two of them.  And to be truthful, I understood
> only a very few of those terms at the time.  In addition, the majority
> of the terms I did understand were forgotten immediately after they
> were regurgitated on exams.
> I much preferred organic chemistry.
> Allan

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