Hi Al 

I'm busier than a wallpaper hanger with just one arm! Trying to get my little 
Chalet folding trailer ready for a 2 week 
fishing trip commencing 01 May.  I have replaced the drapes, the tracks that 
the drapes slide on, and now I get to run 
a new copper gas line to my new cooktop which need to be installed. Of course 
the new cooktop needed a copper gas
line that was 3" inches longer and of course the original hole made for the 
original stove is now just too wide so I 
have to add some wood back to the edge of the cut out hole so that I can 
actually secure the cook top so that it 
doesn't  jump out of the counter at the first pothole that I hit! 

I'm currently sewing velcro tape on the drapes which the person who made them 
for me forgot to put on. (The velcro
holds the drapes together when the drapes are closed and another strap with 
velcro holds the drapes back when open.)

Next, I have to repaint the drawbar, pull & reinstall the hot water heater to 
check for a leak and finally daub all the 
seams with RV silicone to keep out the silly water!

In the meantime I need to tie some more flies, complete my income tax and file 
it and sort out my tackle for the trip.

Neville (Nev) Gosling
Greater Vancouver
BC  Canada

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