I’m very happy the news about Charlie is positive, and I pray that he continues 
to recover fully.

On a fly topic, my Matlacha Streamer was chosen for the Boise Valley Fly 
Fisher’s Club as their 2018 logo-fly.  It will also appear on the pins and 
patches for the tiers at the show and club members.  You can see it on their 
web site http://www.boisevalleyflyfishers.wildapricot.org/BVFF-Expo.

In return for the nice honor, I’m donating the fly in a shadowbox frame for the 
banquet auction. Not sure of the date yet (not on the site), but I think it’s 
in the spring.

I miss the action on the VFB, so I thought I’d open the auction up also to VFB 
members to bid remotely on it by proxy bidders.  

If you are interested, please let me know, and I’ll set it up with the club to 
have proxy bidders with a maximum bid from you.  No $$ goes to me, as it’s all 
for the environmental work they do here.

If you are not interested, answer anyway and say ‘hi’ to let us see who’s still 
tuning in. 

This is what it will look like, unless I find a nicer frame:  (Want an 
island-themed frame- shopping)

It will also be signed and have a serial # of 1.  (Should be a nice investment 
for after I tie my last fly.)


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