When I tried to Pass such nic to the guest, it would hard lock the device, even 
the Link Indikator LEDs stayed off, which used to work even when the driver was 
not loaded. The only way to get it working was/is to Power off the Maschine 
completely. After spending hours trying all kinds of recommandations i gave up 
and bought an Intel nic‎.
‎So my guess is that this Chip is "broken" at very low Level and there is not 
much i could do to get it working.
So, better dont waste your time, that would be my advice.

Karsten mettke

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Von: Sebastian Hahn
Gesendet: Dienstag, 20. September 2016 16:31
An: Alex Williamson
Cc: vfio-users@redhat.com
Betreff: Re: [vfio-users] Lost link when pass through rtl8168 to guest

Hi Alex,

> On 20 Sep 2016, at 16:14, Alex Williamson <alex.william...@redhat.com> wrote:
> If your PCH root ports report an ACS capability then you can run kernel
> v4.7 kernel on the host to expose the isolation. If the root ports
> (00:1c.*) do not expose an ACS capability, it's probably a BIOS bug
> similar to Nick's system in this thread
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/vfio-users/2016-September/msg00059.html
> Thanks,

first off, thank you so much for your work on all this, it's been a
great pleasure to discover everything you've done to support device

I have a Gigabyte GA-Z170-HD3P that exhibits the same issue that Nick's
system has (I checked with lspci -xxxxs 1c). I want to follow your
recommendation to report this to the vendor, but I do not know how to
describe the issue in a way that they can understand what's going on and
hopefully work on a fix. I guess making more high-quality bugreports
about this will have an actual chance of getting it fixed, rather than
just a single person complaining.

Thank you

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