On Sat, Nov 26, 2016 at 8:44 PM, Will Marler <w...@wmarler.com> wrote:
> Hey list,
> Apologies if sales emails aren't allowed on this list, I looked for rules
> against posting, didn't see any.
> I'm typically against spamming mailing lists full of awesome helpful people
> with stuff for sale like this, but vfio is is kind of a special case: it can
> be tough to know if something you're considering buying works with vfio. I
> figured folks might be interested in getting something they know works*.
> This CPU & GPU has been driving my gaming over vfio for the last year and a
> quarter, complete with hyperv settings enabled. No 43 errors!
> CPU: Intel i5-4690 (no, not the 'K' variant, which doesn't support VT-d).
> Chip only, no fan & heat sink (sorry).
> GPU: eVGA nVidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti (P/N 02G-P4-3759-KB; sold through
> BestBuy; retail box included).
> I'm asking $240** for both. Free shipping to the US. I will ship
> internationally, but have never done it outside of eBay before, so we'd have
> to chat about cost & logistics. I've checked 'sold' listings on eBay and I
> believe I'm asking a fair/discounted price, but if you think negotiating is
> appropriate, I'll hear you out. I take PayPal & Google Wallet.
> ... btw I'm selling because Witcher III is on sale for $20, and while
> everything else I've wanted to play has rendered fine at high graphics
> settings, Witcher III doesn't. So ... time for me to push forward.
> -Will
> *Motherboard, not for sale, is "Asrock Z97M Pro4"
> **Take $15 off the price if you're in the Denver area and can meet in
> person.
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i5-4690K most definitely does support VT-d. There are also definitely
more appropriate places to be doing this kind of stuff...

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