On Sat, 10 Mar 2018 22:17:33 +0000
"Patrick O'Callaghan" <p...@usb.ve> wrote:

> On Sat, 2018-03-10 at 18:40 +0000, Steve Glaser wrote:
> > Max Payload Size determines both what a Function can send and what a 
> > Function accepts. As such, it is almost always set to the lowest common 
> > denominator of everything in the PCIe Hierarchy.  
> ...
> <OT>
> Don't reply to digests. Even if you fix the subject line the threading
> will still be screwed up. Some mail clients (e.g. Evolution) allow you
> to reply to a specific message *within* a digest and avoid this
> problem. Otherwise, it's just better not to use digests at all. They
> are a remnant from the days of UUCP and don't convey any advantage in
> modern systems.
> </OT>

OTOH, I'd rather see a mangled, informative reply from a digest user
than none at all.  Thanks,


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